Advanced E-business Solution for Payment and Marketing

Integrated Wechat Ads, Wechat Official Account, Wechat Mini-Program and Wechat Pay, the all-in-one solution to approach Chinese market

Makes 1 billion WeChat users be your client

voice of customer


Diversified Ads Resources & Pricise audiances' analysis & Efficient distributing capabilities & Transparent cost model
Chinese consumers are used to buying online but experimenting in the shop. E-commerce in China has achieved a significant turnover of which 82% is made on the mobile. WeChat shop gives you the opportunity to create, manage, and lead your own E-business based on the characteristics of Chinese consumption behaviour, without paying any platform commissions.
WeChat Pay is already integrated with your WeChat shop which allows your clients to pay ANYTIME and ANYWHERE, you receive in EURO with the real-time exchange rate.
SÉELLES provides you with a "Ready for sale" WeChat Shop with fully integrated supply chain competences.