This questionnaire aims to collect your ideas and answer questions about the Chinese market. The more complete this form (or the better you communicate your project requirements), the better the marketing results!

Promising E-commerce market in China

According to data from Statista and Marketer, Chinese E-commerce is booming with a total growth of over 44% in 2020. China is expected to become the largest country in E-commerce around the world in 2021, accounting for 52.1% of global E-commerce retail sales, and it will reach 55.6% in 2022.
At the same time, the trend of the Chinese market is towards niche brands, in particular with the political support from the Chinese government to EU companies, 2021 is therefore expected to be a year of innovation and expansion in the Chinese E-commerce market.
If you want to enter the Chinese market, Cross-Border E-commerce is an essential step. Seelles seizes the trend of Chinese E-commerce and offers you the most suitable solution.
One stop solution to Chinese market for Europeans Brands
Social media platforms and Mini-Programs will continue to deliver content to get products to engage more with potential customers.
Streaming make it possible for brands and retailers to promote products to consumers in real time by offering limited discounts.
Cross-Border E-commerce platform Alibaba acquired KAOLA in September 2019. TMALL and KAOLA represent more than 50% of the Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce market.
Based in Paris, we are committed to understanding your products in the most effective way and breaking down language, culture barriers to help you succeed in the Chinese market with our incubation tracks.
Which services would best help you develop your business in the Chinese market?

Digital Marketing

1. Does your brand originate from France? Are the products designed and manufactured in France?
2. Do you want to tell the story and unique points of your brand in Chinese and win the love of Chinese consumers?
3. Have you ever heard of or used any of the following Chinese social media platforms? WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book, douyin, baidu, etc.
4. Would you like to get recommendations for your brand and products from those active and influential KOL / KOC on the social media mentioned above?
5. Have you heard the story of a Chinese KOL successfully selling a rocket through live-streaming?
6. Would you like your brand and products to be presented to consumers in China via live-streaming in China and France?

B2C Direct E-commerce

1. Have you heard of or used any of the following Chinese E-commerce platforms? TMALL, Taobao, Kaola, Wechat etc.
2. Would you like your products to be sold quickly (2-4 weeks needed) on E-commerce platforms widely used by Chinese customers such as TMALL and KAOLA?
3. Does it seem convenient to you if you only need to deliver the order to France without caring about of the logistics from France to China?
4. If all pre and after sales service and CRM of Chinese market are managed by a professional team, could you focus more on brand and product development?
5. Would you like someone to help you adapt to the constantly changing E-commerce environment in China?
6.Will it facilitate your brand's Chinese market entry process if you can break down China's political, cultural and language barriers?

B2B E-commerce

1.Do you want your products to be sold directly to importers in China?
2. Do you want to find distributors who are experienced in your sector to explore the Chinese market?
3. Have you already collaborated with some distribution channels in the Chinese market? If not, do not tick.
4. If yes, are you satisfied with the current collaboration?

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