Hundreds of marketing games to multiply your turn over

Hundreds of marketing games to multiply your turn over

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Obtain more precise new users

Group buying

Encourage your customers to invite their friends to buy together

Distribution agent

Fusion marketing, everyone can become your sellers

Coupon sharing

Sharing coupons to their friends and attracting more traffic

Refund for group purchase

Encouraging your customers to share your products and bring more new customers

Gift voucher

New social fashions, higher conversion rates

Wish list

Popular Tool on Social Media and WeChat Moments

Bargain then purchase at 0 euro

Inviting their friends to help him haggle a product with a gesture in the app


Recommend nearby stores based on customer location

I want to send a gift

Carry out the marketing fusion by sharing in case of offering a gift

Pay by my friend

Payment for others to increase conversion rates

Draw at 0 euro

Lower the cost of getting a new customer

Interactive game

Through the games, entertain the sale

More orders and turnover


Necessary for shop management

Limited discount

Flexible promotion to manage

Order with free coupon

Getting the coupon immediately for the current order or the next to encourage more purchase

Promo code

Online and in-store promo code facilitate the interaction in different situations

Price cut

Create an intense atmosphere to attract your consumers to buy

Flash sale

Regular special promotions to boost store popularity

Gifts after order

Offered bonuses after payment to continue the interaction with your customers

Heat map

Complete monitoring to manage your promotions by data analysis

Inflated deposit

Presale to set the order in advance

Coupon system

Distributing usable coupons automatically during their purchase to increase conversion rates

Increase the average basket, more profits and turnover

Promotional package

Encouraging your consumers to choose multiple items

Reduction or refund

As soon as your consumers' expenses hit a certain amount, the refunds or discounts encourage them to come back.

A package price for several products

Increasing sales

Customer Loyalty

Client account recharge

Encouraging your customers to reload in their account to encourage them to come back

Products to exchange with points

Increasing customer loyalty and their buying willingness

Gifts for the presence every day

Encouraging active users

Membership system

A powerful way to increase turnover